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Advertising on our website

Do you want to advertise on our site? Then we have various options available. Every ad place goes per month. and is also calculated per month. You must ensure that the monthly amount for the 1st is in our account. If the invoice is not paid before the 1st, we take the advertisement offline. If you want to buy an advertising space for a longer period, you will receive a 10% discount on every month for every 3 months. possibly other agreements in consultation. For this promotion you do have to pay in advance every 3 months. Advertising in each video (300×250) the costs are 100 per month Advertising in the sidebar of each page (300×250) costs 50, – per month in the header of each page (468×60) the costs are 25 per month Among the videos (728×90) the costs are 80 per month Footer (728×90) the costs are 25 per month text link in the footer the costs are 10 per month All amounts are in euros and excl. VAT. We will not charge VAT for foreign advertisers. Of course you will receive an official invoice from us per payment. If you first want to receive information about the number of visitors / page view and demographic area of ​​our visitors, you can also request this by email. If you want more information, please send us an email at

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