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Welcome to 18film.nl we are a compilation site of the world’s largest sex film industries. We automatically select the best viewed sex movies from all over the world on a weekly basis and stream them as an affiliate on our sex film site. All models on the site are at least 18 years and older and everything that we offer is completely legal. Sometimes you see many violent sex movies but always remember that everything is staged. If you unexpectedly come across a video that does not comply with Dutch legislation, we would appreciate it if you made a report so that we can remove it.

Unfortunately, the video will remain on the internet since we are a streaming service and do not manage the videos that are on our website. You can contact the website where the video is hosted via the video link.

2 thoughts on “About 18film

    1. Beste Daisy, op http://www.verkoopplein.eu kun je dit soort oproepen plaatsen. Wij zelf doen helaas geen film opnames. wel is dit in de toekomst de bedoeling om te gaan doen.

      uiteraard kun je ook meer over jezelf vertellen in deze reacties zodat filmscouts contact met je kunnen opnemen. denk aan bv. ervaring, leeftijd, regio etc


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